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About 911 Restoration Northern Houston

From Friendship to Business Partner

911 Restoration of Northern Houston is a complete disaster restoration service provider owned by a friendly team that values the meaning of relationship.

Franchise owners – Jarom Mann and Josh Caroll’s story of how they met is a prime example of why 911 Restoration cherishes every customer we build a relationship around.

Because at 911 Restoration, we believe in searching for boundless opportunity around every corner.

It all began when Josh’s wife used to work for Jarom. When she introduced the two they became fast friends. They both realized they shared a work ethic that could really be the foundation of a great working relationship. Eventually the strong bond they had planted the seeds for a local 911 Restoration branch to be born.

It’s no wonder why the franchise gets its top-notch friendly service from the owners themselves that the community loves.

Josh started out in high school doing demolition work for his uncle’s flood damage company, which led to him doing kitchen remodels. He ended up working on the marketing and sales side of a flood company, but always knew he had a passion working with his hands via carpentry.

Jarom’s father was a general contractor, so when he was a kid he would dig ditches on his dad’s construction sites. Although he never got into construction in his adult life, Jarom was still interested in homes and buildings and got his master’s degree in real estate development. This got him into remodeling hotels and flipping homes.

Combining both their past experiences, Josh and Jarom make an exceptional team full of knowledge and skill you can rely on.

It’s both their purpose and mission to rebuild and help the community in Northern Houston by giving a Fresh Start to those in need. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing more fulfilling to them than seeing happy customers with a smile on their faces.

A Team That Puts You First the Whole Way Through

911 Restoration of Northern Houston truly cares about the local community they serve.

Growing up in Gilbert, AZ, Josh relates with the residents of Northern Houston when it comes to the blazing hot living conditions, especially in the summer.

For example, it is impossible to survive in Mesa without running your air conditioner around the clock, which can be a lifesaver. But using the AC unit non-stop can lead to leaks that can create water damage and even mold growth.

Some tips Josh gives to homeowners would be to consider installing fans and vents if you decide to re-roof your home. Also the color of your home matters when you decide to choose the outside paint color. ACs have to work harder in darker colored homes compared to lighter ones due to light reflection and absorption.

Property owners can rely on any member of the team at 911 Restoration of Northern Houson for help or any tips for your property.

All our disaster restoration experts are IICRC-certified to ensure everyone we work with receives quality work that matches our high standards. They undergo rigorous training, certification, and education to be prepared for any disaster that comes their way.

So whether you’re experiencing a flooded basement, fire and smoke damage, or mold infestation, we can take care of the problem with the best solution.

A Fresh Start is Possible in Northern Houston

There are many reasons why local residents love working with 911 Restoration of Northern Houson. On top of working with the friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable franchise owners – Josh and Jarom – it’s simply the Fresh Start Attitude customers love.

The Fresh Start values are also one reason that made Josh and Jarom’s decision to become franchise owners easy.

  • Seeing opportunity and growth in any negative situation
  • Being positive in the most difficult times
  • Putting customers first the whole way through with empathy and care
  • Practicing respect for others through compassion
  • Inspiring others to push forward and live the lives they desire

So when you work with 911 Restoration of Northern Houston, you can be assured of the genuine customer service and the attention you deserve.

We know it’s not easy going through a property disaster. It may feel like things are crashing down fast at you, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Every team member you interact with, will show you otherwise.

Call 911 Restoration of Northern Houston today. Josh, Jarom, and their team are more than thrilled to meet you and give you the Fresh Start you deserve!

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